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7 Effective shoulder exercises for beginners to build muscle

Hello everyone, Today I am going to discuss 7 effective shoulder exercises for beginners to build muscle. The finest shoulder exercises will target all three of the shoulder’s three heads: the anterior (front delt), medial (side delt), and posterior (rear delt).

The overhead press and lateral raise are among the best exercises for growing muscle, but they can only go so far in terms of developing strong, functional shoulders.

What are shoulder workouts with dumbbells?

1. Shoulder overhead press with a dumbbell

Overhead dumbbell exercise: Shoulder workout with dumbbells

One of the first effective shoulder exercises for beginners in the gym is dumbbell shoulder press commonly known as the overhead press workout emphasizes your upper back and triceps while primarily working your shoulders. Majorly used shoulder exercise with dumbbells and barbells.

Given that it requires a variety of muscles to work together, this is one of the finest exercises for adding heft to your upper body. More weight can be raised with more muscles engaged, which directly promotes muscular growth. The overhead press, often known as the shoulder press, is one workout you may use to keep your upper body in shape.

1. Keep your back straight and posture upright. With an overhand grip, hold a dumbbell in each hand at the shoulders. Knuckles are facing up, and thumbs are on the inside.

2. Exhale as you steadily elevate the weights above your head.

3. At the peak of the motion, pause briefly.

4. Dumbbells are brought back to the shoulders by inhaling.

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2. Dumbbell front shoulder exercise:

Front shoulder exercise: Front Raises

One of the second effective shoulder exercises for beginners in the gym is the front raise shoulder exercise. It is for the upper chest muscles in addition to strengthening the shoulder (delts) (pectorals). If this area of your shoulder is small, you should only utilize the dumbbell front raise. Pressing exercises put a lot of strain on the front of the shoulders, so take care not to overwork it.

1. Lifting the weights from the thighs to shoulder level will be the initial motion in the front rise exercise.

2. It would be better to extend your arms during the front lateral raise with the palms facing down and to pause briefly after the arms are horizontal to the ground.

3, To lessen any stress on the joints, make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the entire movement. Then slowly drop the weights before coming back to your thighs.

3. Side lateral raises with a dumbbell

Dumbbell shoulder exercise: Lateral side Raise

One of the third most effective shoulder exercises for beginners in the gym is the side lateral raises. One of the best shoulder exercise with dumbbells. The lateral head of the shoulders is worked during the dumbbell side raise. When completely developed, this shoulder-side muscle gives your body a three-dimensional appearance and widens it. Lifting a dumbbell away from the body while performing the exercise targets the shoulder. Side lateral raises are good for round shoulders.

A good exercise to gain muscle on the frame. The side lateral raise is a fantastic workout for targeting the lateral deltoids, the area of the shoulder that gives them a wider appearance.

1. Stand and your feet should be shoulder-width apart with a straight back. Dumbbells should be held in both hands, with elbows bent slightly and kept close to the sides of the body.

2. Take a breath out as you raise the dumbbells to your sides until they reach shoulder height.

3. After a split-second pause, back to your original position.

4. Make 3-5 sets of 12–15 repetitions.

You can experiment with rotating your arms as you get experience working different shoulder muscles. Follow us on Instagram

4. Bent over rear delt fly with dumbbells

Bent over rear delt fly

The 4th effective shoulder exercise in gym is the bent over rear delt fly. The bent-over reverse fly is a shoulder exercise with dumbbells that concentrates on the rear of the shoulders and assists with posture and other shoulder workouts. Db shoulder fly for rear deltoids.

Dumbbells should be held in both hands. Tilt your body forward until it is virtually parallel to the floor while maintaining a straight back. To reduce needless strain on the joints, keep your arms straight but slightly bend your elbows.

Engaging your back delts, raise the dumbbells to your sides.

After a little period in this position, go back to your beginning position.

3–5 times through sets of 10–15 repetitions.

This exercise can be done on a bench or with specialized row-rear delt equipment.

5. Arnold Press for shoulders: 

Arnold press for shoulders

The 5th effective shoulder exercise in gym is the Arnold press. This exercise works all three shoulder compartments and is very effective. Both muscle growth and shoulder joint stabilization will be aided by it.

1. This is the shoulder exercise with dumbbells. Take the dumbbells in your hands and raise them to your chest while sitting on a bench. Face your body with your palms up.

2. Exhale as you raise the dumbbells above your head while rotating your hands’ palms. 

3. When you finish the motion, they should be facing forward. Hold on for a brief moment.

4. Take a breath in and reset the dumbbells to their initial position.

Perform 3–5 sets of 8–12 repetitions.

To reduce the danger of injuries, it is preferable to execute this exercise on a bench with back support. 

It will be then called Seated Arnold press.

Some people practice this exercise while standing up, but you should exercise caution if you have lower back issues or are unsure of your ability to keep a straight posture during the exercise. Follow us on Twitter

6. Shrugs

Dumbbell shoulder exercise

The 6th effective shoulder exercise in gym is the Shrugs. To do this shoulder exercise with dumbbells your palms should be facing inward while you hold a dumbbell by each side. As high as you comfortably can, raise your shoulders, then bring them back down.

There are several ways to perform this, including utilizing both hands at once, one hand at a time, a single barbell or dumbbells held in both hands, and a free weight in each hand.

Hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides as you take them in. Face your legs with your palms. Your shoulders should gently be raised straight up toward your ears while maintaining a tall posture and extended arms.
At the peak of the movement, pause for a little moment. Return your shoulders to the beginning position gradually.

7. Face pull exercise: Benefits of face pull exercise

Using a pronated grip, adopt a split stance and hold your arms out in front of you.
Take a deep breath and raise your elbows as you draw the rope up to your face.
Repeat until the desired number of times have been completed on both sides, then gradually lower the rope back to the beginning position.

What is shoulder impingement?

The shoulder is a complex joint with numerous tendons, muscles, and connecting joints, making it potentially more prone to injury. Learn how to treat shoulder impingement in this post.

What is impingement of the shoulder? What is the best shoulder exercise for impingement?

Shoulder pain most commonly happens due to shoulder impingement. Due to its prevalence among swimmers, it is often referred to as a swimmer’s shoulder or impingement syndrome. Other athletes that use their shoulders frequently, including tennis and cricket players, are also susceptible to it.

Shoulder inflammation from shoulder impingement results in pain. The repetitive usage of the shoulder is the cause of this inflammation.


The difficulty moving the arm above shoulder level is the primary sign of shoulder impingement. Reaching the arm behind the back will also hurt.


The main cause of shoulder impingement is overuse of the shoulder with activities.

Shoulder exercise for impingement:

Shoulder exercise pain can heal over time with these exercises/stretches. I have mentioned an exercise for shoulder pain.

1. Start with stretching the front shoulder:

Raise your hand till you feel the stretch and put it against the wall. 

When you experience a stretch in the front shoulder region, advance slowly. 

Hold the position for 5-6 seconds, then back to your original position. 

Do approximately 10 repetitions.

2. Then do the back shoulder stretching: The second exercise for shoulder pain

When the muscles in the back of the shoulder begin to gently stretch, place one arm across your body and use the other to bring it snugly toward your chest. 

Hold the position for 5-6 seconds, then back to your original position.

Do approximately 10 repetitions.

3. External rotation of shoulders while lying down: The third exercise for shoulder pain

Lie on your side with the impinged shoulder on top and your elbow bent 90 degrees. 

Hold something extremely light in your hand, and slowly twist your shoulder while raising your hand up toward the ceiling while keeping your elbow at your side. 

Do approximately 10 to 15 repetitions.

4. It’s important to flex the shoulder blade to get rid of impingement: The fourth exercise for shoulder pain

Standing straight-backed and holding your arms at your sides with the palms facing front can help you flex your shoulder blades.

Hold the shoulder blades together in a gentle squeeze for five seconds.

Relax and let go.

Do 10 Repetitions.

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