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Gym Workout

An exercise is often a routine in the gym, the gym center participant will practice different unique muscles in one intense session.


Running is the activity or development of moving yourself forward quickly by walking. Running is vigorous assuming you're keeping your speed and energy consistent.

Healthy Lifestyle

A solid way of life isn't simply diet and exercise. A total condition of mental, physical, and social prosperity not merely the absence of disease.

Gym Quote

¨Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.¨

- Jack LaLanne

Fun Fact

For every pound of muscle gained, the body burns 50 extra calories every day.

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How To Weight Gain Fast?

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The information provided is so accurate and to the point. It's easy to read and easy to apply. I have applied it in my life and got great results. I feel so much stronger and healthier and much more flexible than I have in years. Thanks to Gymhealthylife and team.
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John Mayers
Health Economist
I feel stronger with increased flexibility. My favorite thing about the workouts is the professional knowledge of the team who are genuinely interested and invested in making activities meaningful to meet specific needs. am delighted with the quality/commitment of the trainers.
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Jack Peterson
Graphic Designer


How to do leg exercises at home?

Bodyweight Squats:

Stand with your feet somewhat more wider than hip-width separated, toes marginally turned out, arms at your sides, palms in.

Bring down your body until your thighs are lined up with the floor.
Stop, then return to the beginning position.

Squat jumps:

Hinge forward at your hips and sit your butt once more into a squat. Twist your knees until your thighs are lined up with the ground.
Bounce out of sight as high as possible and straighten your legs. Swing your arms somewhere around your sides for energy, and keep your back straight and chest lifted.

What is the best sort of exercise split?

There are many exercises splits but make yourself a split that works for you best. Try different types of exercise splits and choose what works for you the best. For me, Push/Pull/Legs workout routine worked wonders.

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Abs, and Forearms
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
Friday: Back, Biceps, Abs, and Forearms
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Rest

Does strength training, for example, lifting weights, will make you look like a bodybuilder?

It isn't a fact that lifting weights will bring about a bulky bodybuilder appearance.
This is a myth that prevents a ton of ladies from strength training, when truth be told, what decides how much muscle mass an individual has is largely dependent on genetic factors and also on their goals.